How to Get More Photography Clients

A photographer is updating his portfolio to get more photography clients.

Strategies to Get More Photography Clients online If you are interested in getting more photography clients, this post will help you get on the right track. At Pixel Face Pirate, we specialize in building websites that serve as effective marketing tools and implementing SEO strategies to drive more traffic to those sites. Here are some […]

Guiding Your SEO Strategy: Sailing The Digital Sea

Introduction: Navigating the Digital Realm Ever felt like a sailor embarking on a voyage across the vast, unpredictable ocean? The digital world often feels that way. The Analogy between Sailing and SEO is more apt than one might think. Just as sailors harness the winds and tides, digital marketers tap into the power of SEO […]

The Importance of SEO for Small Businesses

SEO for small businesses

Why small businesses can’t ignore SEO Small businesses must optimize their website for SEO to increase online visibility and attract more customers. A website is the first point of contact between a business and its customers. It’s crucial that it’s optimized for search engines to ensure it’s easily found by potential customers. SEO for small […]

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